Katahdin Forest Cabins













           Visitor Rules

Please use common sense along with our few simple rules and enjoy your visit to these timberlands.


  • Campfires are allowed only at designated campsites.
  • All unattended campfires be must extinguished.
  • Cutting live trees is not permitted.
  • Fines for leaving any fire unattended could exceed $100.00.
  • Don't throw burning cigarettes, cigars or other materials
      into fields or woods.
  • Follow all hunting, fishing, boating and snowmobile laws.
  • Moose are frequently encountered on our lands and caution
      should be used while driving on KFM's private road system.
  • Black bear hunting is permitted within the area during the
      legal state hunting season.
  • Baiting is allowed by permit only, for a fee of ($125.00)
      per site. Please call (207) 723-2110 x2119 for permit
  • All-terrain vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles and other similar
      vehicles may not be ridden on or transported onto KFM's
      lands for safety reasons.
  • Transporting Firewood (and Insects)
  •   Maine's forests are threatened by the spread of several
      very destructive invasive forest insects and diseases, and
      many of these can be hidden in or on firewood.  On their
      own, these pests may move only a few miles a year, but
      when hitching a ride on firewood, they can be moved
      hundreds of miles in a single day.
      Katahdin Forest Management is asking campers to leave
      their firewood at home, and to either travel with kiln-dried
      firewood or buy wood locally where they will burn it.

    All trash is to be carried out with you when you leave.
        Please leave the area clean when you depart.



    Contact information


    Katahdin Forest Cabins
    P.O. Box 38
    Millinocket, Maine 04462
    Toll Free  1(877) 6-CABINS
    Local # for Cabin Reservations 207-723-2110 x2119
    Commercial Users 207-723-2110 x2119

    The Maine Legislature has banned the bringing of firewood into Maine. (Sec. 1. 12 MRSA 8307)

    Also the practice of transporting firewood for a distance of more than 50 miles from home, even within the state is discouraged.

    This is due to the threat of invasive insects that are transported in the firewood.

    Out of respect for the landowner and the north woods, we no longer allow firewood to be brought in to the area in order to protect the forest from invasive insects.

     For more information please click on the link. Firewood