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    Safety on our roads and lands 

For Your Safety: Remember that the working vehicles using our roads are very large and heavy.  They cannot stop as quickly as a passenger vehicle or maneuver as easily.

Katahdin Forest Management's private lands are first and foremost a working forest. The forest provides raw materials for the manufacture of paper and lumber and the private roads were built to move wood from the forest to the mills. Please obey these simple safety rules and your visit will be safe and enjoyable.                              

This is what could happen!

Rules of the road:

Drive slowly and carefully, obeying posted speed limits.
Maximum speed is 45 mph!

Trucks have the right-of-way. Watch for log trucks and pull over when you see one approaching or if they come up behind you, when safe to do so.

Park all vehicles well off the road. Use designated parking areas where available.

Do not use any roads that have been marked "CLOSED".

Do not linger on roads or bridges.

Do not stop your vehicle abruptly. Pull off to observe wildlife or scenery.

Snowmobiling on plowed and posted roads is prohibited.

All-terrain vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles and other similar vehicles are prohibited for safety reasons.

Recreational vehicle length is limited to 44 feet.

The Golden Road is closed to public traffic between Millinocket and the dike at Ambajejus and Millinocket Lakes.

General Rules:

Campfires are allowed only at designated campsites.

Make sure all fires are completely out before you leave.

Don't throw burning cigarettes, cigars or other materials into fields or woods.
Carry out your trash. Littering violates state law.

Follow all hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and boating laws.
Don't fish immediately below a dam or power station because of the danger of a sudden release of water.
Don't pick berries in areas where herbicides are being used for forest management, roadside brush control or brush control along utility line rights-of-way.
Watch for signs and follow instructions.
Moose are frequently encountered on our lands, so stay alert.


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